Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Illusionist (2010)

It was because of seeing old whatshisface that I remembered this film. I had seen it at the cinema and then been so overwhelmed by emotions that I had to have a lie down, I don't know why I didn't write about it at the time because I thought it was so good then.
The Illusionist is a stunning film, visually and emotionally. If you know Edinburgh well you will really appreciate it. I first watched it with a boy who lived in Edinburgh, then with my parents who had just been on a little holiday to the city and on New Year's Eve I watched it with my chap after earlier in the month we had ourselves had a little holiday there.
The artwork is beautiful, so much care has gone into each background painting and the watercoloured style is so fitting for the 1950s story. The characters too are well designed and all the animation is seemless and perfect. Scotland has the best scenery and the artwork does it such justice, some scenes are just breathtaking!
The story is sad but full of gentle humour. There is hardly any dialogue, he speaks French and she speaks Galic, you don't need to understand what they say as it's animated so well and the point of it is it can be enjyed by anyone in any country, ah, such a joy to have such thought put into a film!
Sorry Rob, that I made you watch something so sad when you were ill, but at least it was beautiful too, non?

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