Tuesday, 3 January 2012

George Harrison Living in the Material World

I saw the George Harrison documentary at the cinema, of course I did, I love George Harrison, it's about thirty percent of who I am!
Anyway, this was in October, I have been extremely busy since then, a fun new day job, a big BBC drama art comish (ongoing) and a nice chap to see in my free time.
Let's see what I remember of this (and the other things I'm about to write about!)... It was four hours long.
I liked the photos and the music and George's letters to his parents during Beatlemania read by his son, also the bits where George's close male friends were talking fondly about him- even Macca.
I intensely disliked both his ex-wife and his widow and the attitude in which they spoke about him, Patti Boyd was shallow and self-obsessed, as you would expect of a model but Olivia Harrison was utterly utterly awful. I have never heard her speak and so always asumed she was nice. When you think about it though, in the ten years since George died she has released a lot of box sets, albums, books and films and has been cashing in ever so slightly the way George could never really be bothered with- as we learn through listening to his pals interviewed, he just didn't give a crap about the ol' material world.
Anyway, I was shocked at how blunt and open she was when it came to talking about George's death. She's Mexican and maybe over in America and the likes it's cathartic to talk about your husband's agonising slow death and terrifying stabbing, but in amongst the teary friends talking about how they miss him still every day it was just really really horrible to hear- and really I found it all too personal. Like, this was stuff we the public don't need to know and really, you shouldn't be telling us, it is very private and personal. It was the attitude in which she told it, like it was all about her, she was the same selfish shallow cow he married first time around just from the other side of the planet.
No wonder he had these close relationships with men- men who were so sad to be without him, no wonder you got the idea from the film that he was gay, all the women in his life were so fucking awful!!
I felt saddened to know he hadn't known any nice women and it made me feel such sympathy for Paul McCartney having lost lovely Linda and married that bitch having obviously only known nice birds and thinking that's what women are, anyway, this new one seems nice, I hope he'll be ok.

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