Thursday, 28 February 2013

Les Miserables (2012)

(Gif of Bertie Carvel- on my first viewing, the highlight of the film for me. Nothing beats the Trunch)
I think it's probably too late for me to think about reviewing this. And anyway it'll be completely bias, I've seen it five times and each time thought 'that's enough now, I don't need to see it again' but then, sure enough, about 6 days later I always thought 'I must go and see... IT!!'
But this wasn't what I thought would happen. As soon as I found out it had a gimmick, live singing, I'd decided it would be terrible. After all, I've never liked the musical, when I finally did bow to pressure and go and see it I thought it was rubbish, ok songs but terrible staging. The prospect of a film at least had that in it's favour, it would at least have amazing scenery and fighting and things even if actors were sobbing through the songs they were attempting to sing.
But as you can guess I realised that as well as the excellent art direction which I expected the singing and the actors were all excellent. Hugh was of course wonderful, again, as expected! He was great in the National Theatre's Oklahoma, a video I watch annually. But I was really surprised by how good Russell Crowe was! And even more surprised that people don't rate his performance! He was brilliant! Javert's songs have become my favourites because of him! What a pleasant surprise!
Can't wait for the video!

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