Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Woman in Black, Theatre Royal York

Celia and I watched the film a couple of days before I went to hospital last year, I with I hadn't seen the film because then I might have actually found the play disturbing and frightening, as it was I wasn't really affected at all which is a shame because I could see how good it was and how frightened I should have been!
Another thing that ruined the atmosphere was the ridiculous Wednesday night York audience. The kind of audience who rolled boxes of maltesers, crunched sweeties, coughed and screamed at all the wrong moments. Too much nervous laughter- FAR too much. It didn't create the right atmosphere at all everyone guffawing after every tense moment.
Anyway, the two actors were great and it was really well staged, even from the very back of the gods it was a good view and a good play to look at.

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