Thursday, 28 February 2013

People (National Theatre)

By tomorrow I'll've seen five plays in six days, I really regret not seeing the Mousetrap on Tuesday now, it might have been a record or something. The Mousetrap will have to remain a mystery for me, it's been on for 60 years I'm sure it'll still be on the next time I've got a Tuesday afternoon to kill!
I went to London on Monday to see Alan Bennett's latest, it opened in November so I was ready for the actors to be bored with it, and maybe they were but they hid it well as everyone was really good.
I was expecting the play to be rubbish to tell you the truth, I didn't enjoy the Habit of Art and the NTlive trailer for this one made it look absolutely cringeworthy and appalling. I liked the History Boys of course but preferred the lighter BBC-friendly film because a lot of the wheelchairs and paedophillia had been cut and it was essentially a showcase of handsome young talent!
People wasn't quite that.
But it was good, the showcase of older talent did not disappoint, good comic turns from Linda Bassett and Nick le Prevost and of course Frances de laTour was the best, a great play for her. Alison was taken with the hairdos and next morning went to work with her hair done up like Dorothy Stacpoole.
I'm not sure how I feel about the National Trust any more, I've had a membership card delivered to my house two years in a row now, it's not mine, It's Mrs Francis Williams', but I feel like I should use it because she isn't.

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