Saturday, 13 July 2013

Citizen Kane (1941)

Finally saw Citizen Kane! After seeing so many Simpsons episodes that reference it! Half an hour before the end my dad got up tired and announced he was off to bed, he then said "When's he going to find his effing ******?" to which I said "Anna might not know the ending Dad-Y!!!!!" (I knew what Rosebud was because, well, I think everyone does, but I had a feeling Anna didn't, I was right she wasn't 100 percent sure) Dad-Y protested saying "It was in the Simpsons! Mr Burns had a ******!" Anna screeched "HE HAD A BEAR!!! Bobo was a BEAR!!!" So Dad-Y managed to ruin the ending for Anna even though she'd managed 24 years and an hour and a half into the actual film without knowing… God damn it!
Anyway, we knew now what Rosebud was but we didn't know if the characters would find out, so the ending was still magnificently haunting and to us, as hoarders of our own childhood stuff, terrifying!! Anna told me this morning she couldn't sleep because of the fear.
"Yeah, I kept thinking Rosebud was in the room with me!" I agreed.
Not quite the same fear methinks.

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