Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Orphanage (2007)

Celia and I made the mistake of buying an actual GOOD horror movie instead of the crap we usually watch like the Changeling or Pet Semetary. We were scared all the way through but then discussed how good it was and how we liked the Peter Pan theme. We went out of the house and had a nice long walk and then watched some Alan Partridge to forget how scared we had been. four hours after the film had ended I went to bed and as soon as I closed my eyes I thought about every single detail of the film, I was terrified for hours. 
This is why I shouldn't be allowed to watch good horror! Only classic horror please! or naff horror!! The Orphanage, on reflection didn't have anything horrible visually in it (except one gross bit) but with the combination of very good artistic direction, music, suspense and of course the age old theme of creepy dead children… it made for a hauntingly good film. I'm still scared but I keep thinking about the Peter Pan element and loving it.

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