Sunday, 24 May 2009

A Night at the Museum (2006)

It was 2006, Lauren and I were tense, Susie was leaving, she was the bread that held the sandwich together (or was she the pickle? I forget...), without her we knew we were doomed. What was she thinking, going off to America to find true love?! As if that would ever happen!! Lauren and I tried awkwardly to carry on our friendship but ultimately we all fell apart, I turned to drugs and Lauren had several children by many different mysterious fathers... Before Susie went we made a pact that we should all see one last film together, one last Ben Stiller film. He was the man who brought us together, the man whom Stan and Froggy admired so much (now a couple of drunk multi-millionaires), we had to see A Night at the Museum!
We never got round to it.
But I saw it tonight, yes, I waited until it was free and on TV.
It was ok actually. I think I'll wait 'til the sequel's on TV as well though.


  1. I'm sorry we never saw Number 1. We can all watch the sequel together some time. (This time it's in the SMITHSONIAN!!!)

  2. P.S. I am not the pickle. I hate pickles. Green and evil.

  3. Lauren and I might be seeing it this weekend. Without you... Turned out you were the pickle.

  4. It's ok, we didn't see it. We went out for the day instead.