Sunday, 31 May 2009

Teacher's Pet (1958)

I don't like old Clark Gable and I don't like Doris Day full stop BUT in this film they worked extremely well together. It was only creepy sometimes.
But really, Doris Day looked very well suited to rough old Gable because she is not gorgeous Sophia Loren in It Started in Naples (shudder!!!), she is average could-be-in-her-late-30s Doris Day. And the script made it very plausible! First time I've ever seen one of those older-man/younger bird screwball comedies give you some hints to WHY it's happening!
Doris Day's only other friend is the obviously gay Gig Young (he and Gable hang out in his bedroom playing dress-up and drinking martinis- Young only gets out of his pajamas and into clothes when Day drops round) and she constantly talks about her father, a newspaper man who she literally has a shrine to. So yeah, Doris Day has a daddy-complex and Clark Gable just happens to be in the same line of business her daddy was in. Thank you for the explanation Hollywood. It was much appreciated!!
The script and the set-up was good, it seemed to be the template to the Doris Day/Rock Hudson films- and even had the Tony Randall character. And really, even though Clark looked pretty damn rough, he was supposed to and having prissies Jimmy Stewart or Cary Grant in that role would not have worked at all, Clark Gable looked like the grizzled old alcoholic he was playing, because he was.

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