Saturday, 2 May 2009

Robin Hood (BBC1) Series 3 Episode 5: Do you Love Me?

This episode would have been perfection, television gold, if only they hadn't kept cutting back to Robin and the outlaws- yawn!
I didn't watch the first two series of Robin Hood, because it's awful. I'm sorry but tall dark handsome "northerner" Richard Armitage did not outweigh all the awful elements of the show, ie the plots, the budget and the main characters.
But now that I live at home with three people who do watch it I watch it too. I have been waiting for Toby Stephens to arrive hoping that he would improve it because even if my mum can somehow filter out the crap and just see Richard Armitage and even if Anna can enjoy Alan and Much I just CAN'T. Well, sometimes Much and Alan are ok...
This episode was pretty much gold from start to finish, Richard Armitage thrashing about on his bed with no shirt on, having a nightmare (probably about Marian, at least he remembers her) he is dragged by Toby Stephens' goons to see Prince John. Ah, what a catchphrase "Do you love me?"
Yes, it's totally gay and if you're not into that then at least it's hilarious. Every scene Tobes was in was brilliant. He was creepy and campy, he was charming and ridiculous, echoes of I am but a child, He's fab. And then scenes between Guy and the Sheriff were brilliant too! Actual proper fight scenes- still ridiculous of course- but at least they were all being evil!
The outlaws themselves are pathetic, they don't seem to have a brain cell between them, it must be down to luck that they keep outsmarting the bad guys. And there are no good female characters. I'm not keen on Isabella, she's rubbish, but I suppose that's because she's one of the good guys snore, boring. So apart from her being there those scenes with P.J, Guy and the Sheriff, they were the best bits of Robin Hood ever. I am looking forward to next week mightily because even though I said his scenes were good this week I can't stand Keith Allen either.

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