Sunday, 21 June 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

Another one of Dad's 1 quid rentals, and one I wasn't really keen on seeing, I think Richard Herring described it as a series of swears that he couldn't even watch in one sitting (I think it was three in all) so I wasn't really bothered, but as it is Father's Day we, the daughters, sat and watched it with Papa.
And it wasn't that bad, the special effects weren't total crap, they were ok, it was only really at the beginning for the baby and a split second towards the end; Brad's face all photoshopped to fuck.
It was a long film and every ten minutes or so we'd argue over how old everyone was supposed to be which was fun until Brad stayed forty for about ten years and Cate Blanchett seemed to be getting younger...
The best bits of the film on a visual level were of course when Brad looked young and fabulous à la Jimmy Dean on his bike, but story-wise we all agreed that when Jared Harris' character died it started to drag.

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  1. Not sure I would like this much to be honest. But may give it a shot after your review