Sunday, 28 June 2009

Angels and Demons (2009)

Yeah the Da Vinci Code(2006) was shite, but so was the book!! We all read it! We all enjoyed it as we were reading but felt like we'd wasted a night at the end of it!
I read Angels and Demons three years ago while on holiday... in Rome. It was one of the books in the house. I enjoyed it! Yes, probably because I was in Rome and visiting all the sights of the horrific murders and that made it more exciting. But I don't know, I actually enjoyed it!
In the book really liked the Camerlengo, I thought he was great! I pictured a 36 year old Jonathan Pryce so I was really pleased with the idea of Ewan McGregor in the film, 'cause, you know, he's a good British actor (important).
He was both cute and sinister, really the cute and extremely heroic outweighed the sinister a bit too much for my liking (though I suppose it's not supposed to be obvious that he's the bad guy- even though you could tell in the book straight away- why else would I picture a sinister Mr Dark -esq Pryce?!) Yeah! I wanted him to be Pope too!! And I don't even care about religion! That guy just saved the Vatican!! Make him the new Pope!!!
I remembered it all very clearly from the book which I found odd because I don't remember all of the books I've read and I sort of figured Dan Brown as pulp fiction would be easily forgettable but I came out saying "So when were we going to find out that he was the Pope's son?" I have a feeling that it was probably shot but edited out of the bit where Tom Hanks finds the end-the-film-quickly-plot-device recording of Skarsgard arguing with Ewan, the way he shouted "Your Father!" sort of implied that in those diaries he'd read the truth. The truth that would have given McGregor motive for madness and sort of explain his behavior a bit... Ah well!
Anyway, even though it was still rubbish and Tom Hanks is still badly cast I liked it, but that's because I found the Camerlengo extremely endearing (to put it politely) both in the book and the film. More in the book though, you know, when he was Italian not Irish.

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  1. PS Also, who the heck was that guy with the gun doing all the branding and murdering!? He was GORGEOUS!