Saturday, 27 June 2009

Robin Hood (BBC1) Series 3 Episode 13:Something Worth Fighting For pt2

Surely they can't commission another series. Surely.
So Allan died horrifically last week after no one believed in him- he managed to do an actual convincing bit of fighting beforehand though which prompted me to say "Ooh, when Robin leaves Allan should take over, at least he can fight!" Well, Allan died, the Sheriff killed him. Bastard!!! Allan was the best one!! Especially since Guy turned into a big sissy and essentially the comic relief ("Where do I sleep?" "Where's my horse gone?" etc.)
So this week my money was on Guy and Much for the chop- How the FUCK is Much still alive?!
Yeah, Guy died- undramatically, predictably saving Robin, with terribly dialogue and bad filming (hello, he's the best looking cast member, give him a good death scene, let's not be staring up his nose while he croaks.) Meanwhile; "I'm Isabella! I saw this in a play! Take that from a poisoned blade!!" Robin got cut a la Hamlet and died after first saving everyone and blowing up Nottingham CGI Castle along with The Sheriff, that hoarse black guy and Isabella, boo hoo.
In comes the ghost of Maid Marian and she and Robin dance off into the distance, ah, how sweet- they then pan back to Robin's body which twitches enough to scare the 8 year-old audience out of their wits. One or the other BBC!! Romanticized death, floating off rejoining loved ones, or agonizing twitching reality- Not both!!!
They could have done so much with it. I mean, every episode in all three series has been awful, so I suppose it's no surprise. But FIVE major characters died! And none of them died dramatically! Two got blown up, Guy was just forgotten about, Allan was at least given a funeral (though how the Outlaws had time for this I don't know, they were supposed to be under attack by a huge army) and yet again writers of a Robin Hood story missed the most famous part of his legend!!!
While dying Robin Hood took up his bow one last time and said to his merry men: "Wherever this arrow lands you must bury me..."
So they buried him on top of the wardrobe.

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