Friday, 19 June 2009

Valkyrie (2008)

I can't help thinking that all the respectable British actors involved in this film were sent the script and a long Cast List of all their respectable-British-actor-buddies and they signed up wondering just which bright-young Brit actor would star in the lead. Could it be Daniel Craig perhaps? Or a come-back from Joseph Fiennes, Paul Bettany or Johnny Lee Miller? (When are they coming back, btw?)
There was no bright-young respectable British actor to lead a great ensemble, but laughing stock of Hollywood has-been Scientology-weirdo Tom Cruise. WTF? I mean, it was good when he wasn't on screen! When he wasn't talking! Jeez!
Tom Cruise was good in the right setting! He was good as Lestat! Well, more fun that Brad anyway! Other than Interview with the Vampire(1994) and the two second cameo in Austin Powers 3 the only films of Tom's that I really enjoyed were all made in the 80s! And I've seen almost all of them! We all have!

SCRIPPS!!!!! My favourite History Boy took a bullet for Tom Cruise! Nooooooooooo!!!!!

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  1. That was a dumb casting choice, wasn't it. Cruise didn't try to put on a German accent did he? Or an English accent, to match everyone else and represent Generic Foreign? If he stayed American I guess that would have represented to fact that he is a force for good.