Monday, 7 March 2011

Christ on a Bike (Richard Herring)

Richard Herring! I was saving myself for something good to make the 200th post in this blog that no one reads, I could have reviewed Bramwell, the Victorian lady doctor (she fails at everything! Women shouldn't be doctors!) but I waited for this.
Anna, Lauren and I went to see Richard Herring at the venue under the cinema last night. He'd finished the first show, literally forty minutes before coming on and doing it all over again, but he did not seem tired at all, phew!
At Lauren's request we sat in the front row of the tiny venue, Rich was practically doing the show on top of us. I don't like sitting in the front row but I was completely at ease being in the front last night, creepily it's probably because of listening to [sometimes during the year] three podcasts a week starring young Richard I think of him as a pal of mine, I mean I know what he's up to all the time without even reading his blog or stalking him (makes a change). Let me tell you Lauren, we're not sitting in the front for Greg Davis next week, I'd be far too scared of him massively looming all over me and grimacing...
Christ on a Bike was brilliantly entertaining. Seeing one of Richard Herring's shows is like seeing a lecture given by a scarily intelligent manic child with a beard. He has so much energy and is so enthusiastic about his subject, he has really researched, but when grown-up reasoning with dream-Jesus fails, knob jokes are always there to fall back on. Also, Rich doesn't grimace.
I enjoyed the show as much as Hitler Moustache, but it was more gentle, tackling Jesus is safer than tackling Hitler, after all Jesus would most likely let you have the ball but Hitler would have SS surrounding him at all time and you'd never be allowed on the pitch. I'd still find the image of Jesus handing me the ball so much more infuriating though... Smug git!

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