Thursday, 17 March 2011

Old Reviews 2: Rebecca (a Glasgow Theatre, March 2005)

Play time! I went to the theatre and everyone else in the audience was over 65, millions of old women, probably Nigel Havers' groupies, and no one my age- or even under 65 to be honest. I had a good seat in the Dress Circle in the middle near the front. The play started and Nigel is just so thin. And as I remembered the story I thought 'This is such a terrible play for him to be doing', in the whole first act it's like his wife died and he never got over it. Nigel's wife just died!! (last year) This must be awful for him, why is he doing it!?'
So Anyway, the girl playing the new wife was Paul McGann's love interest in that Poirot episode that I watched with Lauren one night!! The set was kind of cool too just a screen with different backdrops projected on it, but props were very minimalistic.
I liked the smooching scenes.
I bumped into Evil Dave on the way home, apparently food makes him burn things so he's not coming to the meal, but he is coming to the party afterwards.

2011 Author's Note: So begins my friendship with Evil Dave.

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