Thursday, 17 March 2011

Old Livejournal "Reviews"

Once upon a time, from 2004-2009 to be exact, I kept a livejournal, or rather, I didn't keep it, I had one and every so often I'd post some awful opinions on something or another or some screenshots of actors I rather fancied or drawings I'd done. It had no structure! And it was not updated regularly. I decided after getting this blog (which you'll admit despite it's lack of content, I do update quite regularly and obviously enjoy keeping) that I would delete my livejournal because I'd stopped using it and more importantly there might be some incriminating content on it. Hey ho!
But before I delete it I thought I'd read it and see if there are any amusing reviews of theatre, TV, radio, film etc. That I could transfer over here and then remember in the future (and the present- my memory is so shocking) and not destroy forever.
I've looked at my first entry, October 2004 and it's a review of Anthony Andrews' performance in an American TV film of David Copperfield. I don't remember watching it but it appears he attended the Mr Gently Benevolent School of Evil and was extremely camp as the villain of the piece. I will not be including it here.

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  1. That's good, I managed to condense five years of crap into ten posts. Livejournal is now no more. There were other memories I didn't repost, a Bryan Ferry gig, The Spice Girls, The Kaiser Chiefs and a completely ridiculous review for the play 'On Insomnia and Midnight' which was so long but consisted solely of me reviewing Nick le Prevost's hair (it got five stars).