Thursday, 17 March 2011

Old Reviews 3: The Philadelphia Story ( Old Vic) Guys and Dolls (Piccadilly Theatre) The Woman in White (Palace Theatre) ( June 2005)

Me and Anna have been funning it up in London this week.
We go to London every so often to see a bunch of shows, last time we went to see The Producers and before that I saw Round the Horne Revisited, Journey's End and The Goat, and before that My Fair Lady (starring Anthony Andrews without fat suit)...
Anyway, monday night we saw The Philadelphia Story with Kevin Spacey, who I wasn't that impressed with, though the supporting cast were good. Anna and I were in the front row, which was pretty painful on the old neck but great for being a metre away from Kevin Spacey- I tried to remember films I've seen him in and thought were excellent and all I could remember was American Beauty, and unfortunately K-Pax- which was awful, then I remembered Hey! What about Glengarry Glen Ross, I love that film! "You Fairy, You asshole."
Speaking of Jonathan Pryce, we were greatly amused to find the Pickering to his Higgins, Nicholas Le Prevost, in The Philadelphia story, I must say he stole that show and as soon as he came on stage me and Anna were in fits of giggles, nudging each other and the like, and at the end I swear he looked straight at us during the bows... Anna and I have whispered to each other in despair that we might have to go and see everything he's in from now on becuase he was so wonderful.
The Woman in White, had lovely music, we realise now, listening to the cast recording, but the sets were a big let down, it was all just cgi projected onto the backdrop, what a gyp!! Just like that Nigel Havers play!!! But Antoine was amazing! Anna and I were surprised!! When we saw him in MFL he didn't sing, he did a Rex Harrison, after Jonathan had sung it all, and that other guy, the guy who got the Olivier, I forget his name, sorry mate. Anyway, we were expecting another shouting performance but no, he sang, he sang excellent well.
Next day! We saw Ewan McGregor in Guys And Dolls, but we didn't get spat on, shame. He did not disappoint especially when singing Luck be a Lady Tonight, that was a great number- and that bird from Sex and the City was very good, and so was all the cast!! It was just a great show all round!! And good sets!! We got a great set on The Philadelphia Story.

2011 Author's Note: We did then go to see everything he was ever in and over the years I managed to befriend him and as it happens I was talking to him just yesterday. Funny old life, eh?

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  1. I also find it amusing that I referred to Alex Jennings as "mate" despite not knowing who he was.