Thursday, 17 March 2011

Old Reviews 1: Look Back in Anger (Feb 2005, Edinburgh Lyceum)

So we saw the tall and very thin David Tennant today in Edinburgh in the play Look Back in Anger... It was an ace play, and wonderful set design! But what a bastard Dave played! And the whole premise of the play was people living in a flat and feeling smothered, very appropriate for me at the mo, but in the play it was because David Tennant's character was such a bastard!
Ok, but here's the important bit!
We parked outside the theatre at about 12 and the show wasn't til half two, I said we should go look at the posters in the window, my dad saw the big poster and he said "Oh look he's a rapist!" And then he said "Oh wow, look! It's the guy!" And it was!!! It was David Tennant going into the theatre!! But me and Anna were totally scared that Dad-Y would embarrass us so we ran away as Dave walked into the theatre! He was so tall and handsome looking with lovely glasses on!! And Anna was totally grinning. But by the time Dad-Y had decided to "grab him" (as he put it) Dave had already gone back stage. So Moo-pa hung around outside for a while in case he came back out- to tell him that Anna was his biggest fan and could he sign the flyer- but he didn't...

2011 Author's Note: I was having trouble living with someone at the time. This was the first time I saw anything at the Edinburgh Lyceum (I was living in Dundee at the time) and it was not the last, every play I've seen there has been absolutely excellent- maybe there'll be more reviews in the livejournal. Also it was the first time we saw pre-Who, pre-Potter even, DT on stage, having seen him on telly only in He Knew He Was Right where he played a flared-nostrilled flirty vicar. He was extremely good, and he did sign our flyers when we posted them to him, Anna got two kisses, I only got one.

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